Wednesday, September 21, 2016

2017 Draft - September Ranking

Timothy Liljegren is moving backwards in our updated top 20. 
Considering we already had him in the same tier with our next two prospects in early August (see previous ranking), the change is not as big as the drop in the rank might suggest, but so far this season Liljegren's play has nourished some concerns with his decision-making ability. That's an area of strength for both Hischier and Pettersson, and at this point in time we like their long term projection a bit better. Before the draft comes around Liljegren will have plenty of opportunities to address those concerns and to show he can use his obvious tools to his advantage without taking unnecessary risks too frequently. 

Nico Hischier didn't have a particularly successful Hlinka Memorial tourney, but had some impressive moments. He seems to have taken a step forward in his physical development and has been more willing to use his good shot than in the past, something that should help him in his transition to the QMJHL. The fact he is about to start his North American season means this is the last time he appears on our rankings, as they only pertain prospects playing for European clubs. In this pre CHL season update we have four prospects in the same situation, they're identifiable in grey in the ranking below.

Having Hischier, Pettersson and Liljegren in the same 'top 7' tier means we estimate right now there are four more prospects outside of Europe in the same (or higher) tier. It's an indication of where we feel the trio currently belong when adding to the mix the other eligible prospects, it is not an attempt to predict how the draft will unfold.





Ov. Rank Projection

1.Nico HischierCSUItop 7
2.Elias PetterssonC/WSWEtop 7
3.Timothy LiljegrenDSWEtop 7
4.Klim KostinRWRUStop 15
5.Marcus DavidssonCSWEmid 1st
6.Dmitri SamorukovDRUSmid 1st
7.Kristian VesalainenLWFINmid 1st
8.Lias AnderssonCSWE1st round
9.Martin NecasCCZE1st round
10.Henri JokiharjuDFIN1st round
11.Miro HeiskanenDFIN1st round
12.Daniil TarasovGRUS1st round
13.Urho VaakanainenDFIN1st round
14.Adam RuzickaW/CSVK1st round
15.Ukko-P. LuukkonenGFINearly 2nd
16.Lukas ElvenesRWSWE2nd round
17.Robin SaloDFIN2nd round
18.Sebastian WalfridssonDSWE2nd round
19.Jesper BoqvistC/WSWE2nd round
20.Fabian ZetterlundRWSWE2nd round